Our Mission And Vision

BMS Mission is to see a World where Crime and Homelessness has been totally eradicated.
And Our main vision is to providing shelter and an homelessness cafe.


Free General Counselling

The Bright Morning Star Ministries General Counselling is designed to help the individual take therapy that can help with a range of mental and emotional problems, including stress, anxiety, pain and depression.

Free I.C.T Training

BMS Provides IT Training and Professional Counselling to build a world where everyone has equal access to technology through sustainable IT solutions, providing access to high-quality equipment and education in the developing world.

Free Spiritual Counseling

BMS offers Spiritual counseling program that focuses on a person's or and individual spiritual side. Our spiritual counseling is design in order to explore or solidify personal spiritual life and beliefs.

Homeless & Prison Outreach

We work to Rebuild Lives the of Homeless people on the Street by bringing them into our office for counsel, refers, and educate them. BMS works with Volunteers in London like Southward, Greenwich Council and Westminster Abbey.

Youth Awareness

The Bright Morning Star Ministry Youth Awareness program is design In other to Prevent Crime, drugs, homelessness, cultism, gangs, knives crime in our society and also making your upcoming youth relevant in the nearest future.


The Bright Morning Star Ministries Referrer Program is designed to a sends or directs someone to an expert or specialist for consideration base on previous discussion or counselling had with the person.